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John P. Willis

Opinions presented here are held in all of my roles and capacities, both personal and professional.


Politics: Leftist (AnCom)
Religion: Militantly Atheist
Occupation: Software Engineer
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Scottish Kings and Queens

Royal House Monarch Reign Relation to John Willis
CELTIC Malcolm II (Mael Coluim II) 1005-1034
Duncan I (Donnchad I) 1034-1040
Macbeth 1040-1057
Malcolm III Canmore (Mael Coluim III Cenn Mor) 1057-1093
Donald III Ban 1093-1094
Duncan II 1094
Donald III Ban (restored) 1094-1097
Edgar 1097-1107
Alexander I 1107-1124
David I 1124-1153
Malcolm IV (Mael Coluim IV) 1153-1165
William the Lion 1165-1214
Alexander II 1214-1249
Alexander III 1249-1286
Margaret, Maid of Norway 1286-1290
ENGLISH DOMINATION John Balliol 1292-1296
English Annexation 1296-1306
BRUCE Robert I the Bruce 1306-1329 6th cousin 24x removed
David II 1329-1371 7th cousin 23x removed
STUART Robert II 1371-1390 8th cousin 22x removed
Robert III 1390-1406 9th cousin 21x removed
James I 1406-1437 10th cousin 21x removed
James II 1437-1460 11th cousin 19x removed
James III 1460-1488 12th cousin 18x removed
James IV 1488-1513 13th cousin 17x removed
James V 1513-1542 8th cousin 16x removed
Mary 1542-1567 9th cousin 15x removed
James VI (James I of England) 1567-???
Union of the crowns of England and Scotland 1603

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