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John P. Willis

Opinions presented here are held in all of my roles and capacities, both personal and professional.


Politics: Leftist (AnCom)
Religion: Militantly Atheist
Occupation: Software Engineer
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This site is hosted on a Sun SPARCserver 20 running Apache 2.2, Perl 5, and a home-built CMS.

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Latest News

New Revelations about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

16 May 2018

By further fleshing out our family's connections to the House of Stuart, and other Scots nobles, I have determined that rather than being my 15th cousin, 15x removed, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, is actually my 9th cousin, 15x removed.

Family History

Notable Kin

  • English Royals
    • Elizabeth II is my 22nd cousin, twice removed
    • Queen Victoria is my 18th cousin, six times removed
    • Lady Jane Grey is my 6th cousin, fourteen times removed
    • Elizabeth I is my 8th cousin, sixteen times removed
    • Mary I ("Bloody Mary") is my 8th cousin, sixteen times removed
    • Henry VIII is my 7th cousin, seventeen times removed
    • John (famous in the Robin Hood legend) is my 25th great-grandfather
    • Richard I "The Lionheart" is my 26th great-uncle
  • Scottish Royals
    • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots is my 9th cousin, fifteen times removed
    • Robert I "Robert the Bruce" is my 6th cousin, twenty-four times removed
  • U.S. Presidents
    • George Herbert Walker Bush is my 24th cousin, six times removed
    • George Walker Bush is my 24th cousin, seven times removed
    • Barack Hussein Obama is my 24th cousin
  • Ancient Historical Figures
    • Adam (the first man) is the step 62nd great-grandfather of my 28th great-grandmother (this is unreliable)
    • Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah (Muhammad, Prophet of God) is the step 14th great-grandfather of my 28th great-grandmother (this is verifiable)
    • Y'shua bin Yosef (Jesus Christ) is the 43rd cousin, eleven times removed, of the wife of my 29th great-grandfather (this is unreliable)

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