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Using ChivaNet social networking features

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Category:Social Networking
Last Updated:2017-07-24 17:06:51
ChivaNet exposes a simple social networking interface, usable by editing plain-text files in your home directory.

Managing Friendships

To manage friendships, edit the .friends file in your home directory. Each line of this file should be a username of the person who you want to list as a friend. This will expose a link to those users profile pages from your profile page. In order to be listed as such on their profile, they will likewise need to add your username to their .friends file.


Much like friendships, your interests are to be listed in the .interests file in your home directory.


[p]Your .plan file should contain your current plan.


Your .project file would contain any project upon which you are currently working.


Your .signature file will be displayed beneath your name on your profile page, and will also be automatically appended to any e-mails you send from the server.

Profile Picture

Your .picture file should contain a URL pointing to your desired profile picture. This can be stored in your public_html directory, or hosted elsewhere.

Privacy, or, how to be anti-social

To exclude yourself entirely from the users directory and profile features, simply create an empty file called .antisocial in your home directory. If you have created this file and change your mind, simply delete the .antisocial file from your home directory. Your social networking info will once again be exposed in our users directory and through your personal profile.

Personal Website

ChivaNet provides a space for you to create a personal website on our server.

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