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ASCII control characters

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Last Updated:2017-07-25 08:05:54

These are the ASCII control characters.

0 NUL (Null character--this is used to terminate strings in many programming languages)
1 SOH (Start Of Header)
2 STX (Start Of Text)
3 ETX (End Of Text)
4 EOT (End Of Transmission)
5 ENQ (Enquiry)
6 ACK (Acknowledge)
7 BEL (Ring Bell)
8 BS (Backspace)
9 HT (Horizontal Tab)
10 LF (Line Feed)
11 VT (Vertical Tab)
12 FF (Form Feed--most printers and terminals will advance the paper or the display by one page if they receive this)
13 CR (Carriage Return)
14 SO (Shift Out)
15 SI (Shift In)
16 DLE (Data Line Escape)
17-20 DC1-DC4 (Device Control 1 through Device Control 4)
21 NAK (Negative Acknowledge)
22 SYN (Synchronous Idle)
23 ETB (End of Transmit Block)
24 CAN (Cancel)
25 EM (End of Medium)
26 SUB (Substitute)
27 ESC (Escape--this gets sent when you press the ESC key on your keyboard)
28 FS (File Separator)
29 GS (Group Separator)
30 RS (Record Separator)
31 US (Unit Separator)
127 DEL (Delete)

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