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ChivaNet Web Directory

This is a list of all personal websites on our World Wide Web server.

Username Real Name Link User Status
dlwDavid Wicksellhttp://www.chivanet.org/~dlw/Online; 12 sessions
dsspDatashed Standards and Procedureshttp://www.chivanet.org/~dssp/Offline
jpwJohn P. Willishttp://www.chivanet.org/~jpw/Offline
kawhAdam Blackhttp://www.chivanet.org/~kawh/Offline
majoelJoel A. Martinezhttp://www.chivanet.org/~majoel/Offline
miriMiri Lozanohttp://www.chivanet.org/~miri/Offline

To exclude yourself from this directory, create a file called .nodirectory in the public_html subdirectory of your home directory.

User Directory

This is a list of all our users.

To exclude yourself from our social networking service and directory, create a file called .antisocial in your home directory.

Username Real Name Profile Link
dlwDavid Wicksellhttp://www.chivanet.org/profile.shtml?username=dlw
dsspDatashed Standards and Procedureshttp://www.chivanet.org/profile.shtml?username=dssp
jpwJohn P. Willishttp://www.chivanet.org/profile.shtml?username=jpw
kawhAdam Blackhttp://www.chivanet.org/profile.shtml?username=kawh
majoelJoel A. Martinezhttp://www.chivanet.org/profile.shtml?username=majoel
miriMiri Lozanohttp://www.chivanet.org/profile.shtml?username=miri

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